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Top fitting toilet seats Empty Top fitting toilet seats

Post by Harry_Brash on Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:28 am

I recently received a job to repair a loose toilet seat.   The toilet was close coupled and maybe 5 years old.  The porcelain base went back flush to the vertical wall and there was no access to the loose bolts below the seat hinges.  A search on Ebay for “top fitting toilet seat” revealed good photos of suitable fixings.  The fixings have expanding rubber or plastic inserts which are pushed down into the fixing hole in the porcelain and expand when the fixing screw is tightened.  The old fixing screws have to be removed either by breaking the upper plastic base or hacksawing after which the old screws and nuts drop into the toilet base leaving the porcelain holes ready for the new top fittings.
These fittings seem very secure once fitted and are not expensive.



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